Registered Nurses Association of Ontario: Illustrated eLearning Programs
  • Concept development, writing, visual direction, interactivity design and project management for illustrated professional development programs
  • Story driven modules built and managed through Moodle
SwissVBS: Animated eLearning Programs for Private Sector Corporations 
  • Client management, concept development, narration scripting, interactivity development and visual direction for animated training modules
  • Story-driven, mobile first approach
  • Clients included: Rogers, Miller Heiman Global, and Continental 
Chang School of Continuing Education, Ryerson University: Online Course Design
  • Course redevelopment planning and layout, instructional design, editing/rewrite of module content
  • Redevelopment of CINP 900 Understanding the Nonprofit Sector, online via Desire2Learn
Humber College: Online Course Design
  • Instructional design, content layout and quizzing approach
  • Redesign of WRIT 200: Business Communications, blended learning course delivered via Blackboard
Artscape Toronto: Artscape Launchpad Entrepreneurship Training Programs and Workshops
  • Stakeholder research, engagement and persona development
  • Training concept and framework development 
  • Launchpad Creative Business Model Design Workshop + facilitator's notes
  • Launchpad Creative Entrepreneurship Program including 150 page written curriculum and workbook
  • Launchpad pilot programming implementation
 JVS Toronto: Blending Learning Programs
  • Moodle LMS transition (from WordPress) planning, design and development
  • Needs analyses, stakeholder ethnography, programming evaluation
  • Internationally Educated Architects Program: curriculum and online via WordPress
  • Internationally Educated Finance Professionals: curriculum and online via WordPress
  • Internationally Educated IT Professionals: curriculum and online via WordPress
  • Internationally Educated Business Service Professionals: curriculum and online via WordPress
  • Business Writing Program for Canadian Language Benchmark 5-10 English as a Second Language Speakers
  • Environmental scan of publicly funded English as a second language services in the GTA
  • Evaluation and update of province-by-province online resources supporting newcomers to Canada
Toronto and Region Conservation Authority: Professional Access and Integration Enhancement Program
  • Job Search Workshop Series for Internationally Educated Environmental Engineers and Geoscientists: printed curriculum and facilitator's notes
  • Intercultural Communication Workshop Series for Internationally Educated Environmental Engineers and Geoscientists, printed curriculum and facilitator's notes
  • Technical Skills E-Learning Program and systems integration consulting
Launchbox Global Inc.: Private Sector Internal Training Programs
  • New Hire Sales Force Training Program: printed curriculum
  • Self-directed professional development support for fertility nurses: digital curriculum
  • SEB Medical Education Manager Training- Blended Learning Program: project plan, onboarding guide, learning activities, facilitator's notes
  • National Continuing Education Training on Subsequent Entry Biologics: structural editing and fact-checking
  • Clients: Johson & Johnson, Merck, Pfizer
Twenty-One Toys: Private Sector Professional Development
  • Concept development for reposition of Connexions Toy (TM) and workshops for business audience
  • Creative Dialogue and Empathy Guidebook, printed facilitator's guide
Toronto Workforce Innovation Group: Community-Based Qualitative Research Projects
  • Project management and editorial direction for Promising Practices: Connecting Educated Professionals With Sector-Appropriate Employment
  • Research and writing for Toronto's Opportunities and Priorities Report, 2012
  • Structural editing on Sifting the Sands: Unpacking the Hourglass
The Wanderers Project: Ethnographic Study of the State of Work Today
  • Writing, graphic design, web design and photography