AlessandraAllison took me out of my comfort zone, helped me grow and encouraged my creative thinking. She was able to bring out the best in my ideas and to structure the foundation of my creative empire. Allison guided me to confidently continuing working hard on my business.

Allison is definitely one of the world’s creative heroes. It was an absolute pleasure working closely on my business with Allison. I was very lucky to have met the right mentor at this point of my creative business building.

- Alessandra Moretti, Raising Artists


ThompsonAllison's approach was truly insightful. Her progressive style enables you to gain a better understanding of your business and goals you want to achieve. I highly recommend taking one of her classes to discover innovative ways to further what it is you are trying to achieve.

- Thompson Egbo-Egbo


MelissaI would be totally lost if it weren't for Allison. I did an entrepreneurship program that she designed specifically for creative professionals, and it was incredible. She gave us so many useful frameworks for clarifying our ideas, making decisions, and figuring out next steps for our businesses. She's supportive and encouraging and knows all the right questions to ask.

Because she has so much experience as an entrepreneur and a small business coach, she understands where new entrepreneurs often get stuck, and where they waste their time and energy. She really helped me take the jumbled mess of ideas, excitement, and fear inside my head, and shape it into focused, realistic plans that are suited to my needs and circumstances.

I would definitely recommend taking her workshops or doing her one-on-one coaching sessions.

- Melissa Harendorf, Comma Comma Editing


JoI am so grateful to have had the opportunity to meet and work with Allison.

She balances compassionate support with asking the tough, deep questions. She gets the need to nurture our artistic soul while navigating our grown up responsibilities.

Our course with her covered tons of information and presented multiple viewpoints; it was engaging and rewarding. Her passion and thorough preparation of the material was evident. I was sad to see it end!


- Jo Dickins. Jo Dickins Photo

GinetteMohrHeadShotAllison delivers powerfully; her inspired and informative sessions have lasting value. She coached me through incorporating my experience and current situation into dreams for the future, and guided me towards work that feels true to my core.

- Ginette Mohr. Actor, Director, Writer



ShaniParsons I greatly enjoyed Allison's daylong workshop on Creating and Selling Workshops. She gave a well organized, informative, and engaging presentation with relevant and interesting examples and case studies. Her knowledge on the topic is comprehensive and her enthusiasm is infectious, leading our class to engage in a lively and fruitful dialogue based on various perspectives and objectives.

I would recommend Allison for any workshop or consultation on how best to approach teaching, training, and mentoring others —a great skill to have in any enterprise.

- Shani Parsons. Director at TYPOLOGY Projects

Nick Yeo

I took Allison's workshop on Creating & Selling Workshops. While I have designed and delivered workshops and sessions in the past, it was a delight to explore some new (and old) concepts about how people learn, what goes on their brains and how to be mindful of this reality when building curriculum for a workshop.

Allison led our small group through a lot of discussion and encouraged us to be critical and think about our past experiences, all the while being flexible with how she delivered the content. She clearly demonstrated all of the good steps one needs to take when designing a workshop (detailed lesson plan, logical sequence of topics, gauging the room for when breaks are appropriate).

I highly recommend you take a workshop by Allison!

-Nick Yeo. Professional Convener and Collaborator

Rob Allison has developed the majority of my curriculum for the past five years. Allison’s curriculum design skills are the best I have ever seen in my 15 years as a teacher. Her curriculum is highly engaging and extremely relevant to the skills my students need to acquire to have success in their careers. I worked very closely with Allison on an online component to my course. She created the instructional website completely on her own (including all technical and content work).

Allison is a quick learner, an inquisitive critical thinker, and an outstanding problem solver; obviously, these are critical traits for a person doing curriculum design. Allison is also an expert in pedagogy – this is due to her love of education. Allison is wonderful to work with because she is such a good communicator, hard worker, problem solver, and “get the job done” type of person.

Quite frankly, there is no one I would prefer to build curriculum with than Allison and I have yet to see someone with the talent Allison has to create, design, and make curriculum.

- Rob Musselman. Enhanced Language Training Instructor


SuzyI had been going in circles for a couple of years, trying to figure out  how to start my business. Allison brought her creativity, experience and understanding of small businesses to the process, and was able to help me pinpoint exactly where I needed to focus my energy at each stage.

She was neither a cheerleader nor a devil's advocate - she helped me see my business from the client's perspective, expand my thinking to see more possibilities and get real while staying passionate! This was an invaluable experience that I would recommend to anyone starting or growing a small business.

- Suzy Tanzer,What's Your Story Productions


RachelleAllison is a fabulous educator, she's honest, down to earth, and knows how to cut through jargon or over-motivational speak. I trusted her opinions and ideas, and the more I learned about her personal experiences in business the more I wanted to improve on my own.

Before I started this process the idea of starting a business was very unrealistic and felt like a far away dream - now it seems a lot more manageable and practical. I now confidently know I am capable of being an entrepreneur.

- Rachelle Sabourin


JohnThe extraordinary breadth of her experiences bring a wide range of depth to her insights. A true gem in the world of coaching.  

I started with an idea that I thought was less than zero and now I have a realistic shot at a business that seemed beyond my wildest dreams.

- John Karrys


AundreyaI really appreciate Allison's straightforward style, especially in speech and in the accompanying text and worksheets. The specialized business curriculum and the discussions she led during the group sessions resonated, making the individual coaching even more effective.

Allison's candid delivery was not lost on me, and assisted me with making very significant decisions about my path to entrepreneurship.  

Thank you Allison for sharing your experiences in business development; my time with you was enjoyable, educational and well worth the investment. 

- Aundreya Thompson

LidiaI had been working on the same idea for a long time when I met Allison. Her mentorship helped me finally get my project off the ground. Allison gave me more than just a guidance or structure. She made me believe in myself.

Allison knows her stuff and she has an amazing character. If you are starting your business and you feel stuck or you have an idea and don't know were to begin, she is the person you should connect with. For me this was a life changing experience. 

- Lidia. OrganicBitch.ca

trevorI really enjoyed working with Allison. Her feedback and advice and even sometimes just having her listen to the issue I was working out helped me find my way.  She's a lot of fun and brings a lot of her own experiences to the table. I really looked forward to our one-on-one meetings - since I've had a business for over 10yrs, a lot of the material presented in workshops I have already have gone through. During our meetings, she pushed me to think more and dig deeper.

I would definitely recommend her as a coach and as a facilitator.

- Trevor Godinho. Trevor Godinho Photography


JoeCallejaAllison is really good at honing in on her target market's needs. She did her homework into her target market and it's evident in the superb quality of instruction we had during her workshops. I learned a lot about running a business by her example alone: what she also taught in the program gave me the basics I need to take my business from an idea and make it a reality.

-Joe Calleja. Calleja Scarves





Before taking Allison's course I was feeling lost, very stressed and confused about how to approach my design ideas for starting a textile clothing line.

Her approach tremendously helped me. It opened my eyes to the realities of working for yourself and what is involved in the process. I felt less alone with my fears and frustrations. Allison showed such intelligence, knowledge and passion that I felt I was in great hands and was learning what I needed to know.

I highly recommend her courses and working with her as a coach. The experience has changed my life in such a positive way. I loved it!

-Sarah Gosevitz. Illustrator and Designer.


DawneThere's something very real about Allison Hillier. Her presence is infused with the enactment of her beliefs, her work. Experiencing this level of engagement was powerful for me. It seemed to touch a place of truth in me, and in our collective space, and affirmed for all of us, "yes we can".

- Dawne Carleton. Dance Artist, Instructor, Creative Process Facilitator