Review and Advising Services

Get the Feedback You Need!

Money is always tight in the early days. To keep costs down, you probably want to do as much of the work by yourself as you can.  But sometimes, doing it all by yourself also has a cost.
If you find yourself feeling unsure about your direction and have way more questions than answers, getting some insight, feedback and advice about your work can give you the confidence you need to move forward.
Whether you're creating workshops, an entire school or an educational product or app, having your work reviewed by someone with a long history in training and development will help you create the best possible learning experience from the get-go.  And that will save you loads of time in the process!



review, edit and advice for online course or learning project

Why Walk In Blind?

Many new media, app and software developers are creating technological innovations aimed at education and learning. Likewise, many trainers, consultants and facilitators are looking at how to expand their offerings to reach more people and have more impact with their work. Naturally, they are looking at how the internet, software, learning management systems and technology can help them do that. 

While technology holds lots of potential in aiding learners, too much reliance on technology alone, without an understanding of how people actually learn, results in many products failing to deliver the educational value they propose. Learning, whether through analog, digital or blended environments doesn't happen from simply delivering information - there's much more to it than that!

Let's talk about how you can ensure your learning product or service does more than deliver content. I'll bring my extensive background in education, training and facilitation, my obsessive study of neuroscience and user experience design, my two decades' experience in designing both analog and digital learning experiences to help you build and deliver something that reflects your expertise well. I'm happy to share all I know to help you get further faster.  


  1. First, we meet to discuss your overall ideas, struggles, needs, questions, goals and visions.
  2. Then you leave me with your materials to review. I'll go through everything and provide feedback on structures, organizations, gaps and areas where you can enhance the learner's experience. I'll send you this written feedback so you can review and digest. 
  3. Then we'll meet again to talk about the feedback and get you moving confidently forward on a clear path to success.

* Or we could just meet for an hour and you can pick my brain - simple as that.

How It Works

Your session will be highly tailored to your specific needs and questions. To give you an idea of some of the topics we might include in our work together, take a look at the following list.

We might discuss how to:

  • Best enhance the learner's experience, meet their needs and build their skill
  • Plan and project manage online course builds
  • Organize content into a curriculum framework that aids learning (and doesn't kill you in the process!)
  • Turn your in-person workshops into elearning or blended learning
  • Understand the ins and outs of software and LMS strengths and limitations
  • Position and sell your creation to those who need it most



  • Review of Materials and Feedback: starting at $750 (up to 10 000 words) 
  • Brain-Picking Session: $250