Lay a Solid Foundation for Your New Business

Set Yourself Up to Thrive

The early days of a new business are where you are most at risk of wasting a ton of time, money and energy. Because you are trying to do something you've never done before, it's easy to spin your wheels or go round in circles as you try to figure it all out.
This coaching package is designed to help you by-pass all that unnecessary stress. As you take your first steps in setting up your new business, we'll work to ensure you've got solid building blocks in place. Together we'll explore every element of your new business and develop a solid plan that brings your ideas to life. 


Small Business Coaching Toronto

How it Works:

First you'll get a copy of my book. This book was written for people exactly like you. It will take you through everything we'll do together and present my entire philosophy and approach to building a small business. 

Then, you'll have six one-hour coaching sessions either in person or via Skype. Our sessions are focused on the specific needs of your business. In the first session, we'll look at where you are at and then come up with a plan of action for how we will proceed together.

During our sessions you might bounce ideas around, get feedback on your approach and work, prioritize and plan your next steps and become more aware of your working habits and mindsets, and learn how to best develop those that support your growth. 

You'll also have unlimited email support between sessions where you can ask any questions that arise and keep me updated on your progress. These check-ins are super helpful for motivation, accountability and to ensure we don't waste our coaching session getting caught up on what you've been doing. 

Cost + Time Frame

  • Accelerated - 3 months. Coaching sessions every 2 weeks
  • Regular - 6 months. Coaching sessions every month.

Perfect for People Who:

  • Are serious about getting started and can dedicate the time needed to develop their business over three to six months
  • Know they would benefit from some extra support such as accountability, motivation, planning, prioritizing and as they make their first steps.
  • Have gained some preliminary traction on their business idea
  • Are proactive and know they need to take action and do the work to produce results

Not Good for People Who:

  • Are on the fence about trying to build their business
  • Are interested in learning but don’t want apply their learning just yet
  • Are struggling financially to survive or are seriously time-strapped and can’t dedicate the time needed to build a business
  • If you are any of these people, you may want to buy my book to see how my approach sits with you and to evaluate whether you have the space in your life that you’ll need to start your business right.