Small Business Coaching Package

Put Some Order to the Chaos!

Many consultants, trainers, coaches, and anyone else who works serving others, end up creating a ton of materials, approaches, slide decks, workshops and content to support their work.
Over time, it all becomes quite overwhelming and hard to navigate. You know that you could do more and you know you need to put a solid strategy in place that helps you leverage what you’ve already produced to keep building your business.
What’s hard is knowing where to start.



small business coaching for consultants, coaches, trainers and facilitators Toronto

Tighten Up Your Process

You might find yourself on the treadmill of constantly responding to your current clients’ development needs without finding the time to support your own.

This coaching experience is designed to change that.

Together we’ll put solid footing under your and your business’ learning and development needs so that you can grow your services in the way you’ve always wanted.

Learning instructional design helps you to better direct your energy so that you can develop workshops, materials, content and approaches that are directly tied to your clients’ learning needs and your business’ development needs.

This process will positively impact the way you organize and prioritize your ideas and next steps so that you can make the best use of your limited time. 

It also deeply enhances your client’s learning, retention and skill-building abilities which allows you to move further, faster to go above and beyond their expectations.

Think of this package as your personal instructional design school centred 100% on your business’ needs and at a fraction of the cost of regular school.

How It Works:

  • First we’ll have a kick-off meeting to go through where you’re at, what you’re struggling with and to envision where you’d like to be. Before this meeting I’ll give you some reflective activities to complete so that we can jump right in when we meet (2 hours).
  • You provide me with a content dump of everything you’ve produced so far (don’t worry - i’ll sign a non-disclosure agreement). I review everything and begin detailing feedback and recommendations for next steps.
  • In our second session, we review my feedback and recommendations and come up with a plan for executing (1 hour).
  • For two more sessions thereafter, we work through any struggles you encounter, brainstorm creative ways to approach your work, establish and modify organizational methods that help you become more efficient and effective and address any other issues related to your work as they arise.
  • You also have unlimited email support between sessions and two more reviews of your work.

Designed to Help You Gain:

  • Practical know-how and supportive frameworks that help you organize how you plan, develop and execute and follow up on the consulting, coaching or training you provide
  • Deeper skill in managing learning and development projects including how to hire and work effectively with freelancers,
  • Effective facilitation and communication skills that better support your work and your client’s ability to turn information into action

Perfect for People Who:

  • Are already in the field delivering results for clients and who are ready to push harder and further to deliver even better results through enhancing your ability to instruct, guide and make new material stick
  • Have developed approaches and materials and who find themselves continually adding to the chaos rather than reducing it.
  • Are in need of developing more structure, strategy and systems to support their training offerings and client interactions.

Not Good For:

  • People who cannot do the work that needs to be done to get their instructional design house in order because of a of lack of time or because of rapid growth. Coaching will only work if you can do the work. If you are strapped for time, you might want to consider hiring full instructional design services and have it done for you.
  • People who do not have an existing client base. If you’re looking to develop your training business, you might want to look at this package and/or buy my book to get you started.

Cost + Time Frame

$1999 + HST

  • Regular - 6 months
  • Accelerated - 3 months