Instructional Design School Comes to You

Custom Training + Coaching for Teams


This highly customized experience will help your team learn and implement sound instructional design practices into their work right now.
You won't sit and listen to lectures only to forget everything the next day - you’ll learn through creating, planning and executing on a learning project of your choice and with a ton of support as you go.


Designed to support:

Learn instructional design your way

  • Training, consulting and service-based firms that want to enhance development, management and delivery of learning-based projects with instructional design know-how
  • New media and technology firms aiming to develop better learning products and experiences by adding instructional design to their skills toolbox

How Does It Work?

Ideally, you’ll be working with real-life projects that you’ll develop throughout our time together.

If you do not have something real to work on, we can use one of your past projects or we can create your ideal project - the kind of work you’d really like to get more of. The ideal project can become a portfolio piece that helps you get future work of that nature.


1. Kick-Off With a Heart-to-Heart Meeting

First we’ll get to know each other. We’ll talk about your work, your goals and your aspirations. We’ll talk about who you serve and how you do it.

We’ll go through your past and present struggles and successes and then work to define your organization’s goals in relation to learning projects, products, services and experiences.

This initial meeting is how I gather everything I need to know about your team and organization to design a custom-training experience.

Learn instructional design your way

2. Dive into Personalized Training

Next you’ll take part in a highly interactive training day that is 100% centered on the needs of your team and your business. It does not involve endless lectures or decontextualized case studies- your day will be hands-on and aimed at your specific learning goals.

By the end of the day, your team will have produced an implementation plan for personal development and for a learning project of your choice.

The topics we work on during your training are derived from our kick-off meeting and may include:

  • Instructional Design Process: From Idea to Launch
  • How People Learn: Neuroscience + Psychology of Learning
  • Design Thinking for Learning Projects
  • Learning Experience Design
  • Skill Development vs. Knowledge Acquisition + Retention
  • Elearning Software and Learning Management Systems
  • Digital, Analog or Blended Learning? When, How and Why?
  • Project Management: Project Scoping, Budgeting, Prioritizing + Planning
  • Designing Effective RFPs
  • Working with Vendors + Freelancers
  • Visual Communication: Show Don't Tell!
  • Interactive + Participatory Facilitation Skills

3. Follow-Up With Coaching Sessions

After your personalized training, you begin implementing your learning by building whatever it is your team decided to build. This process is supported by coaching sessions that take place as you execute on your plan.

As you create your learning product or service, you can send it to me between sessions for review and feedback.

When we meet for our coaching sessions, we’ll review my feedback and troubleshoot any difficulties you’ve encountered along the way. You can ask questions and we can top up any instruction you may need that is relevant to helping you to keep moving forward with your project. By the end of our time together, you'll have built up productive habits that support great instructional design work.

Learn instructional design your way


Teams of 2-3 people = $5500

  • Add $750 for each additional person
  • Add $500 for each additional coaching session beyond the 2 included in this package.