Instructional Design Services: Have it Built For You!

What Is Instructional Design?

It’s the process of creating workshops, programs, materials and experiences that deliver tangible results for learners AND for businesses.
To make sure learners learn and organizations thrive, thoughtful upfront work needs happen before training is developed.
That’s what the “design” in “instructional design” is all about – figuring out the “WHY” that gives rise to the “WHAT”



How a Typical Instructional Design Project Unfolds

Identify Needs

The best training is built from a clear and comprehensive understanding of who the learner is, what needs to be learned and why. By taking a good look at learner, task and organizational needs, instructional designers set the stage for developing relevant, feasible and meaningful learning outcomes. 

Explore Directions

Once clear objectives are spelled out, instructional designers spend time ideating around pedagogical approaches, methods and media that will bring about the best learning experience for all. The goal of this stage is to explore possibility and push into new learning territory to bring about the best learning results. 

Develop Training

At this stage, instructional designers focus on bringing content, tools and experiential learning activities to life. Whether in the form of written curriculum, digital media, interactive multi-media, in-person learning activities, or a combination of all, efforts result in a suite of training tools, materials, and activities clearly aligned with stakeholder needs.

Measure Results

Evaluation is a continual process that happens at every stage of development. Designers constantly monitor whether training is accomplishing what it set out to accomplish, whether learners are actually developing, and whether the organization is able to achieve its business goals as a result of the training.

What Does This Look Like In Real Terms?

Sample Projects 

How to Work With Me

Sometimes I’m hired to conduct a full-cycle development of training (as outlined above). Sometimes people ask me to work on just one or two of the steps. I'm open to a conversation about how to work together in whichever way you see fit.
Because each project is vastly different from the next, we’ll need to discuss your particular project to figure out how to best move forward and what development will cost. These initial consultations don’t cost a thing. 


Please note: I rarely take on instructional design work with budgets less than $5 000. 

If your budget is smaller than that, I can work with you as a coach. Take a look my small business coaching services to see if one of my packages suits your needs.

If you'd like to develop your team's instructional design skills so you can do more in-house, take a look at the custom corporate training and coaching I offer.