Facilitator Planning

Not Another Boring Lecture: Creating Workshops People Learn From

Your heart is in the right place – you want to share all you know with those eager to learn. You know you have something to offer but knowing your stuff does not equate to teaching others what you know. Somehow you’ve got to get your expertise, skill and experience into the minds and bodies […]

Becoming an Amateur and loving your work

Loving What You Do: The Renaissance of the Amateur

I heard someone mention once that the root of the word ‘amateur’ is ‘amare’ — love. He said he wanted to reclaim the word from its negative connotation and use it to describe people who love their work. What a pretty little thought. He’s right that the English language doesn’t have an adequate word for those capable […]

Learning to Fail

Discovering You Suck: The Humanizing Effects of Failure

“Realists do not fear the results of their studies.”  — F. Dostoevsky Talking about failure is super trendy these days. It seems like anyone who has ever accomplished anything is taking the stage to publicly disclose how how their fuck-ups led them to success. Of course, there’s an important lesson in all this talk of failure. […]

Pricing Services: Finally Free

Pricing Services to Support Your Life and Your Business

  Thinking of making the jump into freelancing? Or are you already taking on projects and finding you’re not able to make ends meet? No matter where you are in your journey, it’s imperative you ensure your pricing can support your life AND your business. Let’s go through the first steps in calculating rates that […]

Freelance Life

My Life as a Freelancer/Consultant: A Five Year Check In

About 6 years ago, I started seriously investigating what living as an independent contractor would be like. I was miserable, bored and defeated in my non-profit management job. I had just spit up with my husband and was trying to readjust to taking care of everything on my own including my son. And, because I […]

Toronto Women’s Entrepreneurship Support

  After a number of days of shock, then grief, then some serious ‘being with’ what’s going on in this world, today I feel the galvanizing force of what’s taking place in the US (and everywhere really -they’re just the spectacle). Today I feel like it’s up to women to stand up and take over. […]

Business Models for Writers

How Can Writers Become Creative Entrepreneurs?

Writers, like anyone else, have many options when it comes to earning money as creative entrepreneurs.
Let’s take a look at the four core business models, creator, maker, seller and owner and explore how writers might set up a business based on one or more of these basic models.

Small Business Model Canvas

Why Not Writing a Business Plan is the Way to Start a Business

  Do you believe writing a business plan is the natural starting point for building a business? If so, you are not alone. The idea that business plans make businesses is so embedded in our collective psyche, it’s taken as a given. It’s also why many people never get around to starting their business – they don’t […]