Do You Still Believe Learning Happens Through Getting Information? Think Again!

  Few people ever ask themselves what learning really is. Their default idea is that learning involves getting information – sometimes it sticks and sometimes it doesn’t. So learning can feel like some sort of mystery that just kind of happens somehow, or it can feel like some sort of chore – you have to […]

Becoming an Amateur and loving your work

Remember What It Was Like to Love What You Do? It’s Never too Late to Start Again

I heard someone mention once that the root of the word ‘amateur’ is ‘amare’ — love. He said he wanted to reclaim the word from its negative connotation and use it to describe people who love their work. What a pretty little thought. He’s right that the English language doesn’t have an adequate word for those capable […]

Creating and Selling Workshops

How to Sell Workshops that Grow Your Business and Make You Shine

  Creating and selling workshops is about much more than just teaching people something. If you want to make the most out of any workshop you create for your business, then follow these five pointers before you begin.   Your Workshop Should Be a Part of a Larger Business Strategy Those new to developing training […]

Learning to Fail

Fear Not the Face Plant! How Failing Makes You a Much Better Person

“Realists do not fear the results of their studies.”  — F. Dostoevsky Talking about failure is super trendy these days. It seems like anyone who has ever accomplished anything is taking the stage to publicly disclose how how their fuck-ups led them to success. Of course, there’s an important lesson in all this talk of failure. […]

Freelance Life

Five Years as a Solopreneur: I Didn’t Know It Would Be Like This

About 6 years ago, I started seriously investigating what living as an independent contractor would be like. I was miserable, bored and defeated in my non-profit management job. I had just spit up with my husband and was trying to readjust to taking care of everything on my own including my son. And, because I […]

Toronto workshops for entrepreneurs

Toronto Workshops and Learning Resources for Small Business Building

  With an increasing number or workshops for available to learn about all things small business, I’ve put together this list I know about for your learning pleasure. I’m going to update this regularly so let me know if you take something and you want to recommend it to other aspiring or existing small business […]