Design Better Learning, Have More Impact

I know that:

  • Lectures don’t help people learn - participation and engagement does.
  • Learners deserve more than information. They deserve to have their learning needs at the heart of their training. They deserve more say in how their learning will unfold and they deserve targeted support to help them accomplish their learning goals.
  • Organizations, consultants, facilitators and coaches who demonstrate deep understanding of learners and know how to turn information into skill, will be rewarded for their efforts.

You know that too. That’s why you’re here.

Chances are you’re here because you know you can do more with your training offerings. You’re probably overwhelmed by how long it takes to develop and publish a workshop, course or book that represents your brand and delivers results.  

Designing and developing amazing learning materials and experiences is time consuming - especially if it’s not what you do for a living. Many underestimate just how much goes into creating impactful training - but we all know what it is when we experience it.  


Impactful Learning Is My Schtick

Impactful learning happens when there’s alignment between what learners need and want and what you’re delivering. That means, designing impactful learning begins by taking a learner-centric approach.

Sometimes experts can’t see from a novice’s perspective. They approach their area of expertise from their own understanding forgetting what it was like to not know what they know. This is one of the main reasons working with me will be helpful.

My job is to come in with a beginner’s mind and help you gain a fresh perspective. By getting out of your own world and into theirs, it will become much more obvious how you can guide people from their current position into a new terrain. Meeting learners where they are at and then giving them what they need to move forward will deliver the results you’re looking for.

I'm a Big Believer in the Power of Fascination and Awe

I find pretty much everything pretty darn fascinating and fascination is what I love to evoke in learners. As a kid, I’d pour over books on the solar system or human anatomy or reincarnation or anything else that didn’t have a simple explanation. My attention is captured quite easily by any topic that requires me figure out how all the pieces come together into a whole. I’ve always been this way which is probably why I can jump into pretty much any topic and turn around and write a course about it a few weeks later.

My goal is to create epiphanal learning experiences because I know the power epiphany has. That might seem like a tall order when we’re training or coaching on something like project management or how to help dog owners manage their pet’s weight but trust me, there’s always a way to evoke revelations and eureka moments no matter what the topic.

And I’m All About Getting the Job Done Without Wasting Time or Resources

I’ve been designing, developing and delivering impactful training for almost 20 years now. I’ve worked on so many courses, about so many topics, with so many teams, for so many learners that I can proudly say I’ve developed a hard-earned set of instructional design chops.

I’ve taken all the wrong turns, recovered from all the mishaps, and avoided many of the pitfalls developing impactful training will throw at you. I get budgets, I get constraints, I get deadlines, and I also get how to take what you’re best at and turn it into something wonderful.

Some people think they need to know exactly what they are trying to do before they approach me but that’s not the case at all. I’m here to help you decide what the best direction is. I’ll add my experience to yours and together we’ll decide what’s realistic for you. My job is to help you figure out what you’re after and then help map the pathway to get you there.

What Makes Me Well Suited to Do This Kind of Work?

Academic Degrees

  • BA in Management Studies, Athabasca University
  • MA in Adult Education, Athabasca University

Entrepreneurial Background

  • 20+ years' experience running four of my own businesses and helping countless others start and grow theirs
  • Founded a nonprofit learning network for foreign entrepreneurs in Berlin, Germany
  • Established first of it's kind entrepreneurship program for creative entrepreneurs in Toronto, Canada

Teaching/Facilitating Background

  • More than 10 years’ teaching experience in post secondary environments both online and in the classroom
  • More than 10 years’ facilitation experience in the private sector and community settings



Coaching and Psychotherapy Qualifications

  • Graduate of three-year psychotherapy and leadership program and the Gestalt Institute of Toronto 
  • Graduate of six-month life coaching program at the Centre for Applied Neuroscience
  • 10 years experience in one-on-one coaching with executives and professionals
  • Four years experience in one-on-one coaching with creative people starting small businesses

Management/Consulting Background

  • 20 years’ experience managing projects in digital and analog environments
  • Five years’ experience in organizational development consulting
  • Three years’ experience in program management in nonprofit sector