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LidiaI had been working on the same idea for a long time when I met Allison. Her mentorship helped me finally get my project off the ground. Allison gave me more than just a guidance or structure. She made me believe in myself. Allison knows her stuff and she has an amazing character. 

If you are starting your business and you feel stuck or you have an idea and don't know were to begin, she is the person you should connect with. For me this was a life changing experience.  - Lidia

trevorI really enjoyed working with Allison. Her feedback and advice and even sometimes just having her listen to the issue I was working out helped me find my way.  She's a lot of fun and brings a lot of her own experiences to the table.

I really looked forward to our one-on-one meetings - since I've had a business for over 10yrs, a lot of the material presented in workshops I have already have gone through. During our meetings, she pushed me to think more and dig deeper.

I would definitely recommend her as a coach and as a facilitator.

- Trevor Godinho. Trevor Godinho Photography

GinetteMohrHeadShotAllison delivers powerfully; her inspired and informative sessions have lasting value.

She coached me through incorporating my experience and current situation into dreams for the future, and guided me towards work that feels true to my core.


- Ginette Mohr. Actor, Director, Writer


ShaniParsonsI greatly enjoyed Allison's day-long workshop on Creating and Selling Workshops. She gave a well organized, informative, and engaging presentation with relevant and interesting examples and case studies. Her knowledge on the topic is comprehensive and her enthusiasm is infectious, leading our class to engage in a lively and fruitful dialogue based on various perspectives and objectives.

I would recommend Allison for any workshop or consultation on how best to approach teaching, training, and mentoring others —a great skill to have in any enterprise.

- Shani Parsons. Director at TYPOLOGY Projects